What we do

When in pursuit of a shooting location with an exotic culture and a large variety of shooting locations, India should be the first country that comes to mind. To help bring to life your dreams of getting the perfect shooting location in India, we at VTP Films production houses in Delhi, India, are ready to help with a vast array of services at your disposal. We at Vaibhav Tirupati Productions are proud of being a production services company that caters to the needs of both foreign and domestic advertisement makers and filmmakers who wish to shoot at scenic locations in India.

India is a country with a rich and varied heritage, when combining that with the modern influences of arts and science on the country’s culture, the landscape created is the perfect background to creating your masterpiece. To conduct shootings in India seamlessly and cost effectively, feel free to enlist our services and sit back and relax. As one of the leading advertisement and film Production Company in India, we have a true understanding of the kind of detailed work that is needed in the making of films and advertisements and we keep that in mind while we fulfil your requirements. Choosing the right location and obtaining the necessary permits is easy when you have our experts to support you. We also have experienced accountants who will help to keep your finances and payroll in order. Equipment rentals and set design is also made simple with the help of our enthusiastic and experienced team to support you along the way. Keep your worries away once you’ve enlisted us as we place a firm focus on ensuring the quality of each service provided and that it conforms to international standards.

With a skilled support crew we’ve best film production houses in Delhi, India that we provide to enhance your shooting experience in India, there’s nothing that you need to worry about. The dedicated and young team at VTP are the crux of our success and they are willing to work relentlessly to execute the vision at hand and that’s the only reason we are considered as one of the leading Indian film production companies in Delhi amongst the others. We at VTP provide you with a world class range of services that will help you create the moving pictures of your dreams. As advertisements are essential tools for marketing, we leave you with no worries, letting you focus on making the ad that conveys your message accurately.


Have you been repeatedy told that you should be on TV playing this character? Or, you have found the spunk in yourself to be on films and other shows? If you really think that you incur an ability to stand out as a character on a hit TV show or film, then you have come to the right place. We, VTP Films welcome all sorts of talents to be casted on TV. We provide feature casting, main casting, extra feature casting and secondary casting to all our upstanding clients.


We at VTP Films provide a wide range of production services to our varied national and international clients for films, television, commercials and corporate video productions. Our proficient team of productions is a specialized film and television production service provider based in New Delhi. We provide all large, small and medium scale production services to our various national and overseas clients. Our experience encompasses to different shoots from commercials to TV shows to films and documentaries. Get different and creative production solutions and services at VTP Films with us.

Locations and Permissions

We at VTP Films provide a wide range of locations and permission services for films, television, commercials and corporate video productions. Our experienced team of location managers will guide you in selecting locations and also in getting authenticated and required permissions for shoot and other production activities. We support varied kinds of clients who include out-of-town and overseas producers and production companies on their shoots. Now select your shoot locations with our proficient team of VTP Films!

Accommodation and Scheduling
accumadtion & shulding

We provide the most convenient and productive accommodation and scheduling related services to our laudable clients. Be it luxurious, heritage or budgeted hotels, we can arrange everything as per your choice and requirements. In fact, travelling by air, train or through any other private vehicle will be arranged by our dynamic travel agents. Also, our financial team will evaluate the budget as per all your requirements and will send you the proper details within 24 hours.

Government permissions
goverment permisson

Arranging for the necessary permits and permissions from the government has never been easier as we have a rapport with the bureaucracy that we have built up over the years. We also have a firm familiarity with the necessary protocol and rules that need to be followed and that helps us navigate the required regulations easily to get you the permissions that you require for your film shooting. By taking care of the government permits and permissions, we allow you to focus on the shooting of your films without any external worries.

Importing Equipment and Goods

We will help you jump through all the necessary hoops should you decide to import your own specialized equipment and goods required for the shoot. With the experience that we have acquired over the years, we have acquired a familiarity with the procedure that needs to be followed when importing equipment and goods needed for a film shoot. That is how we ensure that you don’t have to undergo any unwanted hassles when you attempt to import the material you require. Dealing with customs and import duties is made a lot simpler when you enlist our services.

Accounting and payroll services

Accounting can be made a lot easier by enlisting us to take care of it. We have, as a part of our team, experienced accountants who will take care of any accounting that needs to be done by utilizing the latest software. We also provide services for managing the payroll for all the staff involved in the film production. If required, creating a temporary bank account to conduct monetary transactions between India and your home country can also be done with ease by enlisting our services. Also, we aid the setting up of bank to bank transactions to allow easy financial transactions.

Camera and Grip Rental
camera grip rental

The cameras and grip equipment that are required during film shooting are available for rent at affordable rates, and we will find you the best deals. Equipment that uses the latest cutting edge technology can be rented easily, and we will help to arrange for them as and when needed. Some of the latest cameras that are available for rental are Arri 535, Super 16, DigiBeta,VariCam or DV Cam. Other equipment available for rent at affordable rates are sound equipment, trolleys, cranes, steady cams and monitors. We also arrange for renting all kind of filters, lights and generators.

Studio and Private Property

At Vaibhav Tirupati Films, we provide a number of studios for shooting according to your requirement and budget. Different studios, big or small based on different locations are available. If you wish to shoot anything, any of the studios with more than hundreds of readymade locations are available. Alterations can also be made to suit the background that you have visualized for your shoot. Even private properties can be arranged for shooting at a short notice.