VTP Act Fast


VTP films Act Fast Academy

The VTP films Act Fast Academy is the latest venture of VaibhavTirupati Productions. The goal of the academy is to turn aspiring amateur actors into professionals who are versatile enough to handle any kind of role they are offered. We have efficient programs at the academy aimed at grooming/budding actors in the most professional way possible.

Our specialties

  • Understand acting

One of the main specialties of our academy is the lengths that we go to ensure that the students understand the sacred craft of acting. The programs at the academy are aimed at providing the students a complete routine that touches their physical and emotional being to render the complete understanding of the artistic creativity that the field of acting demands. This ensures that the knowledge is ever lasting.

  • Eminent faculty

The classes organized at our academy are taken by professional teachers who have ample experience in the field. Through insightful lectures they deliver, students will be able to absorb valuable knowledge about the mesmerizing field of acting. The faculties will also prescribe acting exercises which will help the students understand the underling nuances and subtleties that can elevate the quality of their acting. Individual coaching and attention will be provided to enhance the talent of each and every candidate.

  • State-of-the-art facilities

We understand that the field of acting is highly dynamic and diverse. At our campus, we strive to ensure that our students get the best facilities possible to hone their acting skills. Various seminars and workshops in international, as well as domestic levels, are conducted so as to provide the students with excellent opportunities to constantly learn about the skill of acting.

  • Versatile

We provide classes on all fields related to cinema so that the students can have in-depth knowledge about their domain. Our programs are aimed at providing a complete understanding of the field of acting and all the other domains that are associated with it. It will help the students be adaptable and adept at their job when they turn into professional actors.Through our innovative methods, we will ensure that each and every one of our students develops a complete understanding of the field of acting.

  • Nurtures talent

At VTP Films Act Fast Academy, we take special care of each individual student. We will evaluate the performanceof the students and try to understand what their weak points and strong points are. Then we will provide what is necessary to bring out the professional in them. Our faculties are adept at identifying talent when it comes to acting.

Through the aid of VTP Films Act Fast Academy, students of acting will be able to identify their aptitude in the field. They will be presented with exceptional opportunities to improve their acting skills and emerge as professionals who are ready to take on any kind of challenge the acting may have in store.